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Maria Clara

The actress that paints, and the painter that acts.

My Story


My name is Maria Clara Ospina. I was born in Medellin, Colombia just before the new century started, since then I have been passionate about the arts, culture, and the world that surrounds me.


I double majored in Theater and Global Studies at North Central College. This provided me with the tools to continue creating who I want to be. I am a lover of theatre and art and a passionate for human rights; constantly seeking outlets to achieve my goals.

As a Sophomore in college, I co-founded Kawami Jewelry, a business dedicated to value the handmade work of artisans in Colombia while enhancing the confidence and beauty of people! Today, Kawami has impacted the lives of hundreds of women, being something that I am extremely proud of. 

In 2023, I decided to follow my passion to become a professional painter alongside my theatre career, since then, I have been working hard on building my first ever professional gallery; coming up later in 2024!

This website compiles my worlds into one place! There is a lot to discover from me, and truly, I am very proud of every project I have embarked in. 

Currently I happily live in Chicago, but have the opportunity to travel and transfer with easiness.

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